Android device security is here to secure the device to avoid hacker attacks whenever the Android device is lost. Having a cellphone does help you access all platforms and social media. However, you can also feel the negative from the phone itself. Its own negative impact depends on each user.

Especially now that content creation trials are also more numerous and strong. So there are some people who are willing to do bad things just to go viral.

When in fact, the digital footprint will not disappear. For that, as a cellphone user, you have to be smart and take care of your name. This article will provide ways to make your Android device security safe.

Steps for Android Device Security, Guaranteed Not Hacked

Go Android Device Security, Guaranteed Safe

Android device security is here to secure all user data. Now technology is getting more sophisticated, so many people have cell phones that don’t look at the good circles of young people and even adults.

Where security on the device often becomes a problem when the cellphone changes hands and is used by people who are not responsible. You as a user also often ignore the security of Android devices.

So many crimes that can be experienced by the user. For this reason, there are a number of simple steps that users can take so that Android is guaranteed to go.

Device Lock

The first step is to lock the device by locking it with a pattern, PIN, and password. If the device already has a face unlock or fingerprint feature, that would be even better.

Avoid Public WiFi

Your second step as a mobile device user, especially Android. About 25% of Public WiFi doesn’t have any encryption. That is, Public WiFi has considerable opportunities for exploitation hackers.

The biggest threat to Public WiFi security is the ability for hackers to get between you and the connection point. Instead of connecting directly to the hotspot, it will only send information to the hacker, who then passes it on.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication or two-factor authentication is an authentication method where new users can gain access to a website and application if they have provided two or more valid proofs of the authentication mechanism.

Two-factor authentication on Android devices is also very much needed to maintain user security from the threat of irresponsible persons trying to access our personal data.

So that was the way to make Android device security less easy for third parties to maintain. For that, to be safe and comfortable, all you have to do is do the methods above. The method is also easy, it doesn’t take much time.