Android streaming apps are services or platforms that provide access to watch or watch someone talk using a camera and headphones. Streaming applications now have a lot of users, both foreign and domestic users. Apart from the power of podcasts and shows, streaming applications can be quite capable of providing many benefits to their users.

Podcast broadcasters usually benefit from prizes that they can later convert into money. It’s not only that, the most important thing is that users can enjoy the best host shows.

Various Best Android Streaming Apps, Easy to Use Simple User Interface

List of Android Streaming Apps 2023

There are many lists of Android streaming apps and platforms that you can download through the Google Play Store for free and don’t require a fee. With so many choices of live-streaming applications, users are confused about which application to download. Even though all applications are the same, they only display shows.

However, the features and advantages are not the same. Not all applications are the same for how to use them. Because each application provides its menu and buttons. Here are some of the best Android streaming apps that you can try using:


For those of you who like video chatting directly with colleagues or strangers, you can use Camfrog. Through this application, you can have individual conversations with colleagues, girlfriends, or millions of other users. The Camfrog application itself is the right choice for you who are single. Where can you find a sweetheart who will fill the void in your heart that you have been going through?

The second streaming application,, can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. This application is the work of a Hong Kong developer who has now gone through many downloads from various parts of the world. So through this application, users can connect directly through the comments or talk feature. When a broadcaster is successful in covering his audience, the audience is not reluctant to give them gifts.

You can get many kinds of prizes later, which prizes you can exchange in the form of money. Witnessing this exciting opportunity, many female announcers would appear for several hours to cover their audience and one of them naturally wanted a prize.

Kitty Live

The next Android streaming app is Kitty Live. This application is not inferior to the Bigo Live application. The Kitty Live application has reached 10 million users. Kitty Live has complete and many features, one of which is being able to view the latest live streaming videos, live broadcasting, and much more.


Nonolive can also be another recommendation for those of you who want to watch live broadcasts. Where users are free to show their talents in daily activities to other users. As with other applications, here users can immediately get in touch with female hosts. This is because the majority of users of this application are women.

So, those were some Android streaming apps that you can use on your Android phone. Use only according to your needs and desires.