Android device optimization is important for you to know as a new user of Android devices to optimize your phone’s performance. This is because new Android phones have default settings from their manufacturers.

For example, some Android devices come with two theme options that you can use, namely dark and light mode. By changing it to dark mode, your Android phone’s power consumption will be more efficient, because the light emitted is only as needed.

Android Device Optimization for Ease of Use by New Users

Android Device Optimization with Easy Steps

Here are some methods you can use to optimize your new Android device:

Remove Unnecessary Built-in Apps

Usually, you will find a variety of built-in applications on your new Android device. These built-in apps or bloatware are not really needed.

You can uninstall them to make your phone storage more spacious. In addition, you can get better apps on the Play Store service with similar or even more features.

However, you should know that uninstalling these built-in apps is a bit more troublesome than uninstalling regular apps.

Activate Dark Mode

In addition to making the eyes more comfortable when staring at the phone screen for a long period of time, dark mode also makes the device save power consumption or battery. This is because, on a device with an AMOLED or OLED screen type, the dominant dark color on the screen does not require power because the light output is very minimal.

You can activate this dark mode as an Android device optimization step by opening the Settings menu in the Display sub-menu. You can also activate this mode automatically by setting the time on your phone. For example, from 19:00 to 07:00 the dark mode is active. This means that after that period of time, your phone’s display settings will switch to regular mode.

Screen Brightness

Use a cell phone with an automatic screen brightness of less than 50 percent. The brighter the screen, the more battery power consumption is drained.

Some Android phones have an auto screen brightness shortcut setting on the toggle menu located at the bottom of the notification bar. Or you can also find it, through the settings menu in your Android phone.

Adaptive Battery and Battery Optimization

This Adaptive Battery and Battery Optimization feature first debuted on Android with OS 9.0. If you enable it, this feature will automatically learn the user’s behavior when using their phone.

Some types of Android phones also offer battery saving features when the percentage of battery capacity reaches a certain number. You can activate these features through the Settings menu, which may be different for each type of Android phone.

That’s some Android device optimization that you can apply to your Android phone. That way, its use will become more optimal and more durable.