We will discuss android device rooting pros and cons in this artikel clearly and brefly. Rooting the cellphone used can open up opportunities to customize the Android operating system, starting from extending battery life, and increasing device performance. But how much will it cost?

Know Various Android Device Rooting Pros and Cons

Android Device Rooting Pros and Cons Explanation

Rooting an Android device which provides a lot of functions and roles for mobile users, but comes with its pros and cons. Rooting itself is a process where users can access the cellphone operating system and get special control of the subsystem on the device.

This gives the user administrator access or often referred to as the superuser. In the sense that you as a user can make changes to the OS, including those usually prohibited by telephone manufacturers and operators. So rooting an Android phone gives the user additional control over the device’s operating system.

Make a Full Device Backup

When you have an Android phone that is not rooted, it can only be done by backing up a lot of things. Start from an application or some settings. However, once rooted, many apps like Titanium will completely back up the rooted user’s device.

Longer Battery Usage and Speed

Rooting Android can also help unlock the full potential of the phone. So users can use the application to close useless applications automatically. This will improve device performance effectively. All of that requires root access to do that.

Blocking All App Ads

Ad blocking is simple in a web browser, but more complicated on a phone or device. So it will appear a common problem in most games and applications. However, rooting will take care of that soon enough.

Cons of Rooting Android Phones

Here are the drawbacks of rooting on Android phones.

No More Guarantees

The big disadvantage of rooting Android is the fact that you forfeit your device warranty. Device makers do not cover any damages caused after you have rooted your device.

On some devices, you can unroot the device after rooting. So the device maker won’t know if you have rooted it. For most users, the phone warranty is permanently voided once you root the phone.

Damage Device

The most common threat to rooted Android devices is operating errors. Where it did, it could turn the device into an expensive and unusable brick.

To avoid this, you should always get your apps from a trusted source, such as Google Play, and don’t delete files that the rooting app doesn’t recommend you remove.

So, those were some Android device rooting pros and cons that users should know about. You can conclude, that there are disadvantages and benefits for yourself.