Android virtual reality apps provide a more interesting and exciting experience with compatible headsets. Virtual reality is not futuristic anymore.

VR applications may still be in their infancy. However, the market is still alive with Google, Facebook, and Samsung developing all their platforms for PC and mobile.

That’s what makes Android a powerful platform for VR. The cost of VR headsets for Android is also low. Meanwhile, the quality of VR applications is getting better.

List of the Best Android Virtual Reality Apps for You, More Exciting Experiences

Various Lists of the Best Android Virtual Reality Apps

Now, technology is getting more sophisticated and definitely experiencing a lot of changes. One of them is virtual reality apps, now there are many choices of Android Virtual Apps that can be used according to your wishes and needs.

Each application provides its own features and advantages. You can download the application through the Google Play Store for free without being charged a fee.

Here are some of the application names:

YouTube VR

The YouTube VR application is no stranger to young people in Indonesia and even the world. The VR add-on for YouTube Android can enhance the experience by introducing VR playback.

You can use the same YouTube app, but installing YouTube VR lets you switch to “watch in VR” mode. That’s the point of enjoying cinematics from your favorite YouTube videos.

All of this is designed to work with all major VR headset devices that Android supports. However, it was built with Cardboard as well as Google Daydream in mind.

Fulldive VR

If you are looking for a VR-focused platform offering everything from web browsing to photo saving. The best solution of all is Fulldive VR which is the best VR application.

The app provides its own store with hundreds of VR-enabled apps for users to install and use through the Fulldive VR portal. Not only that, you can also take 360° photos and videos thanks to the app’s VR camera.

InCell VR

VR games are still not new at this stage, isn’t that what makes InCell VR so popular? This application is an educational-themed game for children who want to learn a little about the human body.

Players can assume the role of a human defender from the 2000s, shrinking to fit inside a human body. So your role when using this application is to walk around the body while fighting the flu virus and learn some human biology along the way. So much fun to play looks great, and sounds even better.

From the three Android virtual reality apps above, you can choose and download the application according to your needs. Surely the three applications above will make you entertained.